What is Wallpapr?

This is the second version of Wallpapr, a cool wallpapers search tool. It's simple to use, just click at "20" button and you will see the magic happening. If you want, type any keyword at input field and the search will be more specific.

This version doesn't works on Opera Browser yet, someday I'll fix it... If you are an Opera user (congradulations) the first version is still available.

This little service will not change your life or pay your bills, I've remaked the previous version only to know more about JSONP and test the 1.2 version of jQuery JavaScript Library.

Where the images come from?

The images come from various random wallpapers groups on Flickr.

And what about the copyright license of these images?

Take care of yourself, check the licence before using it. I'll put an indicator at each image soon.

How can I pronunciate "YHWH"?


What you used to make this thing come to life?

And who helped you?

What is the answer to the life, the universe and everything?


Can you say a poem?

Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF
And All My Base
Are Belong to You.